Diversity in the Crisis

“The drawbridges are going up” was the headline in Spiegel Online in Germany on 18.3.2020[1] and further stated:  “Europe is sealing itself off”.  It is not doing this to prevent migration, but to contain the spread of a virus, but freedom of movement in Europe, openness to people from other European countries is no longer given. In addition, in many …

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Diversity: Learning to live together

A truly multicultural education will be one that can address simultaneously the requirements of global and national integration, and the specific needs of particular culturally distinct communities, both in rural and urban  settings (….) To achieve such a truly pluralistic education it will be necessary to rethink the objectives of what it means to educate and be educated; to remodel …

DivCap website adminDiversity: Learning to live together
DivCap 4th online meeting picture

Diversity Capacities 4th partners meeting Online with a Greek spirit

In the times of COVID-19 the 4th Transnational Project Meeting, instead of being carried out in Patras Greece, was evidently held online, while at the same time maintaining the feeling of Greek Hospitality by sharing Greek recipes and Greek music for the partners to enjoy together and apart. The DivCap partnership had mostly finalized the work needed in outputs IO1, …

DivCap website adminDiversity Capacities 4th partners meeting Online with a Greek spirit

Stakeholder committee DivCap Cramars

After resuming results and activities undertaken by the project up to now, research reporting, check list, first list of recommendations that will be in use is to suggest some integrations to the management of institutions in reference with Diversity, for the 2 piloting institutions in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ires FVG and Cramars, the meeting group defined possible periods …

DivCap website adminStakeholder committee DivCap Cramars
Parnet staff in a study visit in Enschede

Diversity Capacities 3rd partners meeting in Enschede

DivCap partners have started the work on the case studies in 14 adult education organisations in 7 countries. Desk research has been done, studying resources like mission statements, annual reports, websites, leaflets and social media looking to how the diversity of the organisation generally has been showed and particularly how migrants are involved. The checklist, developed in an earlier stage, …

DivCap website adminDiversity Capacities 3rd partners meeting in Enschede
Diversity Capacities 2nd Transnational Meeting in Hannover (Group Photo)

Diversity Capacities 2nd Partners Meeting in Hannover

Diversity Capacities Project second staff meeting took place in Hannover, Germany from 7 to 9 May 2019. The final version of the first intellectual output of the project, Checklist for adult education institutions, was presented by the German partner, responsible for this output. All the members in the Project team had the opportunity to discuss and to get a clear …

DivCap website adminDiversity Capacities 2nd Partners Meeting in Hannover
DivCap kick-off meeting, Graz, Austria

Erasmus + Project DivCap: kick-off meeting in Graz

From 17.-19. December 2018, the kick-off meeting of the DivCap project was held under the lead of the Institute for Social Work. The project, which runs until April 2021, aims to support and promote inclusion and diversity in adult education. Strengthening the personal skills of employees in dealing with diversity as well as the implementation of concrete measures in educational …

DivCap website adminErasmus + Project DivCap: kick-off meeting in Graz