DivCap February Meeting 1st day

Online staff meeting in February 2021

On 16-17 February 2021 the latest online DivCap’s meeting took place. We talked mostly about the pilotings the project’s partners are carrying out together with the case studies organizations which are collaborating with us. Almost all the blueprints we carefully drafted at the begining of the project, had to be adapted to the new circumstances coming from the COVID-19 pandemic. …

DivCap website adminOnline staff meeting in February 2021
Diverse group of people kaleidoscope

Specific resources for diversity management

In our experience, while working in DivCap Project case studies, we have realized that -at least in South Spain- there is a big gap between the real needs in educational centres and the planned distribution of resources, specially when it comes to dealing with diversity issues. And it is not just a question of economic resources, but of human resources …

DivCap website adminSpecific resources for diversity management

Diversity, self-assessment and benefits for a company

When we talk about diversity management, in most cases we think of problem management and hardly, if not within companies with a strong sensitivity to the issue, of positive benefits or changes. In fact, if we take our cue from the “Training Manual for Diversity Management” published in various languages in 2007 by the International Society for Diversity Management – …

DivCap website adminDiversity, self-assessment and benefits for a company
Faces of people of different ethnicities inside cogwheels

Equality in diversity

The Craft College -Institution for adult education ( https://www.obrtnicko-uciliste.hr )- implements numerous educational programs for the most vulnerable groups of societies. They educate unemployed people, people from Roma national minorities, migrants, and many others. Through the educational program, it offers an opportunity for greater employability and integration into society to vulnerable groups. There are different heterogeneous groups in the institution …

DivCap website adminEquality in diversity
Group of people saying "Hello" in different languages

What are the internal differences?

Diversity is not only related to the difference between cultures from different populations, but also, within the same country, to the difference in the sustainability of the various areas and the resulting consequences for the residents of these areas. Often cities, which have a rather large number of inhabitants and electorate, receive Europe’s economic contributions in various fields that are …

DivCap website adminWhat are the internal differences?
Group of VET students in the mountains

Diversity in Adult Education

ere at the Blanca Paloma VET centre (one of the branches of Docete Omnes Foundation, a DivCap Project partner) we understand and tailor our courses to deal with the diverse levels and abilities of our students. With the current situation highlighting the need to reassess and promote the use of ICT in the learning process. The focus must be on …

DivCap website adminDiversity in Adult Education
Diverse people

“Diversity and Inclusion” for a better business performance

n our DivCap project we talk about diversity within training institutions. We understand diversity as respect and appreciation of what makes people “different” from the context of reference, the terms considered can be age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and national origin, etc. Each individual brings, within an organization, different perspectives, work and life experiences, skills and differences. …

DivCap website admin“Diversity and Inclusion” for a better business performance
DivCap 5th Online Meeting

Diversity Capacities 5th partners meeting Online in Croatia

In the times of COVID-19 the 5th Transnational Project Meeting, instead of being carried out in Zagreb Croatia, was held online, while at the same time maintaining the feeling of Croatian gastronomy by sharing tradicional Croatian recipes (food and drink) for the partners to enjoy together and apart. As a continuation of the previous partners meeting the partners discussed the …

DivCap website adminDiversity Capacities 5th partners meeting Online in Croatia

Diversity in the Crisis

“The drawbridges are going up” was the headline in Spiegel Online in Germany on 18.3.2020[1] and further stated:  “Europe is sealing itself off”.  It is not doing this to prevent migration, but to contain the spread of a virus, but freedom of movement in Europe, openness to people from other European countries is no longer given. In addition, in many …

DivCap website adminDiversity in the Crisis