Final Project Meeting

Our last project meeting took place on 22-23 June 2021. It should have been held in Granada, Spain, but due to COVID-19 situation, it was held online. State of the art Helga Moser, our project coordinator, showed us a presentation on the project results developed so far, as well as the lastest tasks we are carrying out. The partners are …

DivCap website adminFinal Project Meeting

Diversity United exhibition in Berlin

From June 9 to September 19, the exhibition “Diversity United” shows the artistic face of Europe. The works of 90 artists from 34 countries showcase the phenomenal diversity and vitality of the contemporary European art scene – from Portugal to Russia, from Norway to Turkey. The exhibition spaces are also very special: The exhibition is shown in a hangar of …

DivCap website adminDiversity United exhibition in Berlin
Several red wooden pieces representing people standing up, while a black piece is laying on the floor

Recognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”

What does being excluded mean? Have you ever tried calling a local service only to realize they don’t speak your language? Ever needed to get more information on a course you really want to enrol in but there is no way for you to communicate with the staff? Or better yet getting to join a course, probably even pay for …

DivCap website adminRecognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”
Person using a laptop. Faces of diverse people in the background

Inclusive communication: how to create effective content to put it into practice

Creating inclusive content to all types of diversity is now a priority for many companies that aim to appeal to an increasingly wide audience through communication that pays more attention to everyone. In order to create inclusive content, it is good to follow 5 basic points: Avoid using a bureaucratic or technical dictionary that is not understandable to everyone. Be …

DivCap website adminInclusive communication: how to create effective content to put it into practice

“Girl, Woman, Other” by Bernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Evaristo (image source: WikiMedia) Diversity is seen in the context of work in terms of usability and increased performance. The more diverse a team is, the more productive it is, it is said. Yet diversity has long been a reality and an integral part of our society. With this novel, Bernardine Evaristo manages to show different aspects of diversity …

DivCap website admin“Girl, Woman, Other” by Bernardine Evaristo
DivCap February Meeting 1st day

Online staff meeting in February 2021

On 16-17 February 2021 the latest online DivCap’s meeting took place. We talked mostly about the pilotings the project’s partners are carrying out together with the case studies organizations which are collaborating with us. Almost all the blueprints we carefully drafted at the begining of the project, had to be adapted to the new circumstances coming from the COVID-19 pandemic. …

DivCap website adminOnline staff meeting in February 2021
Diverse group of people kaleidoscope

Specific resources for diversity management

In our experience, while working in DivCap Project case studies, we have realized that -at least in South Spain- there is a big gap between the real needs in educational centres and the planned distribution of resources, specially when it comes to dealing with diversity issues. And it is not just a question of economic resources, but of human resources …

DivCap website adminSpecific resources for diversity management

Diversity, self-assessment and benefits for a company

When we talk about diversity management, in most cases we think of problem management and hardly, if not within companies with a strong sensitivity to the issue, of positive benefits or changes. In fact, if we take our cue from the “Training Manual for Diversity Management” published in various languages in 2007 by the International Society for Diversity Management – …

DivCap website adminDiversity, self-assessment and benefits for a company
Faces of people of different ethnicities inside cogwheels

Equality in diversity

The Craft College -Institution for adult education ( )- implements numerous educational programs for the most vulnerable groups of societies. They educate unemployed people, people from Roma national minorities, migrants, and many others. Through the educational program, it offers an opportunity for greater employability and integration into society to vulnerable groups. There are different heterogeneous groups in the institution …

DivCap website adminEquality in diversity
Group of people saying "Hello" in different languages

What are the internal differences?

Diversity is not only related to the difference between cultures from different populations, but also, within the same country, to the difference in the sustainability of the various areas and the resulting consequences for the residents of these areas. Often cities, which have a rather large number of inhabitants and electorate, receive Europe’s economic contributions in various fields that are …

DivCap website adminWhat are the internal differences?