Diversity, self-assessment and benefits for a company

When we talk about diversity management, in most cases we think of problem management and hardly, if not within companies with a strong sensitivity to the issue, of positive benefits or changes.

In fact, if we take our cue from the “Training Manual for Diversity Management” published in various languages in 2007 by the International Society for Diversity Management – idm – https://www.idm-diversity.org/files/EU0708-TrainingManual-en.pdf there are at least “five most significant advantages -companies with active diversity policies- themselves ascribe to diversity that are:

  1. strengthening cultural values within the organisation
  2. enhancing corporate reputation
  3. helping to attract and retain highly talented people
  4. improving motivation and efficiency of existing staff
  5. improving innovation and creativity amongst employees. “

In the change process, the various stages designed for SMEs themselves bring benefits:

  1. Business analysis
  2. New way of recruiting staff
  3. Approach to new markets
  4. Verification of customer needs useful for a product innovation process
  5. Development of a different way of internal communication
  6. Development of a different corporate image and reputation
  7. Evaluation of potential

To test the possible benefits, just try answering the questions in the questionnaire on Diversity Audit – a Self-Assessment Tool for Companies, available in the manual and corresponding to the first stage of the change process.

These questions will allow you to reflect on some of the benefits of diversity-aware management.

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