DivCap February Meeting 1st day

Online staff meeting in February 2021

On 16-17 February 2021 the latest online DivCap’s meeting took place. We talked mostly about the pilotings the project’s partners are carrying out together with the case studies organizations which are collaborating with us.

Almost all the blueprints we carefully drafted at the begining of the project, had to be adapted to the new circumstances coming from the COVID-19 pandemic. But we proudly can say that all we managed to make the needed adjustments, and the pilotings are developing properly.

DivCap February Meeting day 2

Some drafts of the reports about the pilotings the partners are working on were shared, and the challenges and issues some partners are facing were discussed and common solutions arose.

Additionally, we talked about new dissemination tools we plan to use, as a workaround due to COVID limitations and restrictions. We will reinforce our online activities with a series of videos… don’t forget to visit our blog from time to time!

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