Case Studies and General Recommendations regarding diversity in adult education organisations



In this section you will find the collected case studies of the DivCap project from seven European countries.

Each DivCap partner has followed two organisations that offer educational activities to adults. General sources have been consulted, such as website, policy notes, annual reports, social media and leaflets.

On the basis of this, a general checklist was completed which subsequently formed the context within which discussions were held with at least four employees from management, the educational staff and the support services.

This data was the material on which a further analysis of the organisation took place:

  • It has been determined for each organisation what the current situation is and what steps need to be taken to move one step further to become an intercultural organisation with a balanced diversity policy.
  • It pays attention to what change needs to take place and what the consequences are. Specific tailor-made substantive recommendations have been drawn up for each organisation and recommendations are made as to which type of change process fits best with this and what that requires from management and staff commitment.

The actual text of these case studies are directly derived from the original documents as discussed or further discussed with the institutions involved.

The second part of this section contains a summary of the most important key points and a series of general recommendations for further development into an intercultural organisation with a balanced diversity policy. This part is presented in a seperate document.

Collection of Case Studies

Click the links below to view examples of Case Studies developed for educational centers from the seven partners countries
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