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Recognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”

What does being excluded mean? Have you ever tried calling a local service only to realize they don’t speak your language? Ever needed to get more information on a course you really want to enrol in but there is no way for you to communicate with the staff? Or better yet getting to join a course, probably even pay for …

DivCap website adminRecognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”
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Specific resources for diversity management

In our experience, while working in DivCap Project case studies, we have realized that -at least in South Spain- there is a big gap between the real needs in educational centres and the planned distribution of resources, specially when it comes to dealing with diversity issues. And it is not just a question of economic resources, but of human resources …

DivCap website adminSpecific resources for diversity management
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Equality in diversity

The Craft College -Institution for adult education ( )- implements numerous educational programs for the most vulnerable groups of societies. They educate unemployed people, people from Roma national minorities, migrants, and many others. Through the educational program, it offers an opportunity for greater employability and integration into society to vulnerable groups. There are different heterogeneous groups in the institution …

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Diversity in Adult Education

ere at the Blanca Paloma VET centre (one of the branches of Docete Omnes Foundation, a DivCap Project partner) we understand and tailor our courses to deal with the diverse levels and abilities of our students. With the current situation highlighting the need to reassess and promote the use of ICT in the learning process. The focus must be on …

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