Faces of people of different ethnicities inside cogwheels

Equality in diversity

The Craft College -Institution for adult education ( https://www.obrtnicko-uciliste.hr )- implements numerous educational programs for the most vulnerable groups of societies. They educate unemployed people, people from Roma national minorities, migrants, and many others. Through the educational program, it offers an opportunity for greater employability and integration into society to vulnerable groups.

There are different heterogeneous groups in the institution that make up the members of one organization. Today, most large companies have a multinational environment that requires knowledge of how to deal with and approach diversity. Any form of imperfection or deviation from social standards causes some feelings in people, and often it is also fear, so the approach is very important. We can apply how people sometimes fear diversity. We can apply the diversity of society even more in educational institutions. Each person is unique and special, but teaching it forms a whole that we call a group. There is more and more intolerance, hatred, and discrimination in society.

The family, educational institutions, and others have an obligation to encourage us from beggining to appreciate and respect the other with all its peculiarities in establishing a mutual dialogue without prejudice.

If you want to build an organization that respects diversity and makes employees feel comfortable, visit the station where you can find useful exercises and tips: Why is it important to stand by the organisation’s diversity policy?

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