Project Results

As results of DivCap, 14 AE institutions will have gone through a DM process and their experiences will be documented. The participating AE organisations will be able to analyse their diversity policy in several aspects and develop plans for improvement. The educational staff involved in the diversity management processes will be more aware that their pedagogical and didactical skills reflect their ideas about diversity and equality. Through their involvement, the non-educational staff will improve their skills in supporting an inclusive learning environment. The managers will benefit from the diversity aspect included in their quality management. The need of the addressed target groups is to have comprehensible and easily usable instructions that still leave room for reflection and adaptation for the specific situation. Comparability and systematization of the topics are just as important. DivCap aims to address these needs with the developed products to ensure far-reaching results and impact. Furthermore, all tools and check lists, generalisable recommendations and guidelines as well as the curriculum for experimental learning will have been tested and are available online. Therefore, organisations beyond those directly participating in the project will profit and gain access to fieldtested DM instruments which can be used in different contexts, also after the end of the project.

  Planned Results

Result 1

Questionnaire for Adult Education institutions

Result 2

Applied Diversity Awareness Workshops

Result 3

Publication of case studies and recommendations regarding diversity in Adult Education Organisations

Result 4

Evaluation of implementation process and Guidelines

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