Drawing up Recommendations

How to formulate endorsements?


The recommendations should logically result from the analysis you have made of the organisation.
It is important that they are clear, unambiguous and concrete.
The recommendations should be perceptive and not create resistance.
It is also important to formulate them in such a way that you can expect the necessary commitment from employees and management.



  • Draw up a list of recommendations that fits in with the transition to the next phase in diversity policy (7-stages)
  • Add a hierarchy of priorities to the list
  • Try to see the big picture, but focus in your recommendations on smaller pictures
  • In doing so, take into account the degree of support that exists for it (suggest to gauge what the largest support exist for)
  • Also make sure that you consider yourself able to help implement the proposed recommendations
  • Choose from the colour print overview an approach that best suits the organisation, the proposed recommendations and your own guidance qualities

The start of process of change

How to start the action?

Several suggestions can be found in General Recommendations (593 KB)
Some examples? Look at Collection of Case Studies (1 MB)
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