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Recognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”

What does being excluded mean? Have you ever tried calling a local service only to realize they don’t speak your language? Ever needed to get more information on a course you really want to enrol in but there is no way for you to communicate with the staff? Or better yet getting to join a course, probably even pay for …

DivCap website adminRecognising the Reality of Exclusion in Adult Education “DiversityCapacities”

Diversity: Learning to live together

A truly multicultural education will be one that can address simultaneously the requirements of global and national integration, and the specific needs of particular culturally distinct communities, both in rural and urban  settings (….) To achieve such a truly pluralistic education it will be necessary to rethink the objectives of what it means to educate and be educated; to remodel …

DivCap website adminDiversity: Learning to live together