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Diversity in Adult Education

Here at the Blanca Paloma VET centre (one of the branches of Docete Omnes Foundation, a DivCap Project partner) we understand and tailor our courses to deal with the diverse levels and abilities of our students. With the current situation highlighting the need to reassess and promote the use of ICT in the learning process. The focus must be on giving the students the most relevant and up-to-date tools that they will need for the professional careers in the future.

With this as a starting point and an important moment for humanity to reflect on the state of affairs both nationally and internationally it is also important to address this issue with a positive state of mind and with a critically constructive viewpoint and philosophy try to propose better ways of doing the day to day things we have been doing in the hope that we can make positive change and leave this world a better place for the following generations to come.

How can we promote this ideology and what is its relation to diversity in Adult Education? The key factor is facilitating students the material and stimulus needed to provoke thought and understanding and then providing them with an ever adaptable framework within which they can learn to apply important critical analysis to information and learn to fact check and distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of information.

Highlighting the key discourses in the world examples of which could be capitalism and socialism as forms of organising economies, movement and the unnecessary use of fossil fuels, excess production and consumption of goods and material, world health and finally our right to exist and have a fair chance at success in this world regardless of creed, colour, ethnicity or language. These are the topics that need to be dealt with on a global level and so in a sense require a level of diversity in how they are treated and understood in a global context. If we can debate and spread good ideas and their correct practice, then there is a chance that we can make changes necessary to ensure that this world will be better in the future. We have the technology all we need is the will to change!

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