Diverse people

“Diversity and Inclusion” for a better business performance

n our DivCap project we talk about diversity within training institutions. We understand diversity as respect and appreciation of what makes people “different” from the context of reference, the terms considered can be age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and national origin, etc. Each individual brings, within an organization, different perspectives, work and life experiences, skills and differences. …

DivCap website admin“Diversity and Inclusion” for a better business performance

Diversity in the Crisis

“The drawbridges are going up” was the headline in Spiegel Online in Germany on 18.3.2020[1] and further stated:  “Europe is sealing itself off”.  It is not doing this to prevent migration, but to contain the spread of a virus, but freedom of movement in Europe, openness to people from other European countries is no longer given. In addition, in many …

DivCap website adminDiversity in the Crisis

Diversity: Learning to live together

A truly multicultural education will be one that can address simultaneously the requirements of global and national integration, and the specific needs of particular culturally distinct communities, both in rural and urban  settings (….) To achieve such a truly pluralistic education it will be necessary to rethink the objectives of what it means to educate and be educated; to remodel …

DivCap website adminDiversity: Learning to live together