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After resuming results and activities undertaken by the project up to now, research reporting, check list, first list of recommendations that will be in use is to suggest some integrations to the management of institutions in reference with Diversity, for the 2 piloting institutions in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ires FVG and Cramars, the meeting group defined possible periods for next meetings that will take place in form of working table to discuss some specific content already define and to see how the piloting is going on.

The main goal of the meetings will be to look on the project situation and results or activities undertaken, give interesting feedback and opinions, exchange good practices and options about available project documents. In case some documents will be available we will plan a revision of them.

The 3 foreseen periods for the meetings, with date to be defined that will be decided depending on the availability of the working group, are the following with following subject to focus on:

  1. April/May 2020 – staff “Diversity” in working places – companies’ good practices
  2. October/November 2020 – “Diversity” in company how clients using services could accept it;
  3. March/April 2021 – how to better manage the contact with a “diverse” client

During the meetings it will be also possible to invite also external experts or participants or testimonials from companies to widen, validate, collect good practice and obtain more useful and practical suggestions for the project.

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