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Cramars Società Cooperativa Sociale

Cramars Società Cooperativa Sociale, was founded in 1997 in the mountain area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Its mission is the development of human resources and marginal areas, through training, social innovation and territorial development.

Cramars manages professional training courses addressed to employed or unemployed people and develops socio-economic researches, animates marginal communities and promotes development projects in the area.
A professional team of coordinators, researchers, trainers and counsellors, led by the supervision of the general director, follows the management and development of initiatives characterized by innovative ideas aimed at creating growth for people and the territory.
The institution is accredited by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region and all training and guidance activities are certified ISO 9001.

All projects are born in concert with the needs of the social fabric and of companies, interpreting the needs of local authorities and maximizing the potential of the beneficiaries.
The Cramars method is therefore simple and concrete, it offers feasible and future-oriented solutions to be integrated in the labour market, stimulating the inter-sectorial cooperation among several stakeholders present in the area.

Specifically, the institute organizes compulsory training courses for apprentices of various sectors, employees, warehouse, construction and paper workers, secretaries, carpenters, etc., manages professional training courses for different types of users and organizes training internships for the integration of people in the labour market. The teachers follow the lifelong learning program in order to update participants’ competences, the most advanced courses are organized in the form of theoretical lessons and practical experiences.

Cramars also has an international vocation: it adheres to calls for proposals and European projects both as a partner and as coordinator and manages research activities, creates training content, offers guidance services and disseminates good practice.

The issues on which Cramars has more skills and experience are equal opportunities, social dialogue, employment, orientation, education, local development, business creation, working in partnership with public and private institutions, universities and European associations.

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