DivCap 5th Online Meeting

Diversity Capacities 5th partners meeting Online in Croatia

In the times of COVID-19 the 5th Transnational Project Meeting, instead of being carried out in Zagreb Croatia, was held online, while at the same time maintaining the feeling of Croatian gastronomy by sharing tradicional Croatian recipes (food and drink) for the partners to enjoy together and apart.

As a continuation of the previous partners meeting the partners discussed the limitations that arose due to effects of CoVid on the project and how said obstacles could be overcome in the following months.

At this stage of the project the partners reviewed and presented main focus on pilots, planned and revised activities, their current status, necessary changes and important lessons learned so far. In order to achieve an impactful piloting process of the tools and methodologies already gathered, for diversity and openness in lifelong learning institutions the partners worked in groups concerning different levels of feedback spreading through the impact for the organisations by sharing the tools especially online tools which will be used/are used in piloting.

Presentation of results of the group work and discussion contained reflection about the process and role of each partner either as a coach or as a facilitator in successfull pilot-process. By sharing usefull approaches and strategies as well as supporting conditions for successfull pilot-process the partners have strengthened their activities and planned new ones to support further development in IO4.

Finally the partnership review the final layout and content of the project website and gave their suggestions about the final page layout in order to maximize the user’s experience.

The 5th Project Partners Meeting took place online through Microsoft Teams™ on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2020.

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