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Diversity Capacities 4th partners meeting Online with a Greek spirit

In the times of COVID-19 the 4th Transnational Project Meeting, instead of being carried out in Patras Greece, was evidently held online, while at the same time maintaining the feeling of Greek Hospitality by sharing Greek recipes and Greek music for the partners to enjoy together and apart.

The DivCap partnership had mostly finalized the work needed in outputs IO1, IO2 and IO3 thus the main interest of the meeting concerned the lessons learned during the implementation of the aforementioned outputs as well as implementing said lessons into the realization of IO4.  The partners discussed thoroughly the limitations that arose due to the pandemic and how said obstacles could be overcome in the following months in order to achieve an impactful piloting process of the tools and methodologies already gathered, for diversity and openness in lifelong learning institutions. The partners worked all together, as well as in groups in order to review the future steps of the consortium and revise their work plans.

At this stage of the project the partners reviewed on the initial impact goals, set indicators for maximizing the project impact and agreed on achievable while ambitious results. The partners worked in groups concerning different levels of feedback spreading through the impact for the organisations, the participants as well as the broader educational community, including the beneficiaries coming from diverse backgrounts.

Another crucial point of this meeting had to be the case of disseminating the project results by reviewing the “How”, “To whom” and “Through where” should the partnership disseminate the results. Among others the partners agreed in working on strengthening the online presence of the project and empowering their affiliated organization digitally to use the DivCap tools.

Finally the partnership set as their objective to review the final publications of the project outputs and formulate some of them as interactive parts of the project website in order to maximize the user’s experience.

The 4th Project Partners Meeting took place online through Microsoft Teams™ on the 12th and 13th of May 2020.

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