Parnet staff in a study visit in Enschede

Diversity Capacities 3rd partners meeting in Enschede

DivCap partners have started the work on the case studies in 14 adult education organisations in 7 countries. Desk research has been done, studying resources like mission statements, annual reports, websites, leaflets and social media looking to how the diversity of the organisation generally has been showed and particularly how migrants are involved. The checklist, developed in an earlier stage, was used to structure the outcomes.

The selected adult education organisations reflect a large variety: big professionalised organisations versus small family based organisations; organisations in formal as well as in non-formal learning; organisation with a tradition in diversity policy as well as organisations starting to work on it. Some partners are investigating their own organisations, others have selected other organisations.

All partners have started interviews in these organisations with at least 4 persons, representing the management, the educational workers and supportive staff. The outcomes are completing the findings of desk research and enable us to analyse the diversity policy of these organisations in depth. Currently we are identifying at what stage each organisation is and what could be the next steps towards an intercultural, diverse and inclusive organisation. Recommendations are formulated and will be presented to the organisations soon.

The 3rd Project Partners Meeting took place in Enschede (Holland) on 5 – 7 November 2019.

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