Diversity Capacities 2nd Transnational Meeting in Hannover (Group Photo)

Diversity Capacities 2nd Partners Meeting in Hannover

Diversity Capacities Project second staff meeting took place in Hannover, Germany from 7 to 9 May 2019.

The final version of the first intellectual output of the project, Checklist for adult education institutions, was presented by the German partner, responsible for this output. All the members in the Project team had the opportunity to discuss and to get a clear idea on how to use the checklist for the upcoming research about adult education centers in each partner’s country, that is going to be a crucial task for developing the case studies to be produced for the third project intellectual output.

The preparation of the case studies of the peer adult education organizations which are participating in the project in seven European countries, is the next step in the project tasks.

We performed some practical and very useful exercises on how to carry out the interviews to gather data from these institutions and how to use the templates provided by our Dutch partners, to organize and summarize the collected details. The way the contents of the interviews are structured in the templates facilitates a lot the production of the case studies in a (almost) systematic way.

Some ideas about the optimal way to show the contents and tools that are to be generated during the project life arised, and a discussion about the adaptation of the contents to hypertext (in order to be able to upload them to the project website) and make them more attractive and useful for the possible stakeholders on the Internet, was an important part of the project dissemination strategy planning.

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