2nd Applied Diversity Awareness Workshop: “Critical Whiteness, Racism and Discrimination in Europe”

The scope of this seminar was for the participants to realise personal struggle with discrimination, priviledge benefits and the meaning of critical whiteness in order to strive for an inclusive adult education practice through diversity management.

The participants where introduced to concepts around multiple discrimination and privilege. After that the participants were given concepts around discrimination and personal experience and went around in a speed discussion manner in pairs of two until everybody had discussed personal experience on their matter with everybody.

By taking brief walks in to the city of Hannover, split in groups, the trainees for the partner organisation had the opportunity to see rather than merely watch the people of this foreign or own city and highlight how the city is showing differences. The diversity in terms of usually discriminating against characteristics, performances, looks, races, gender, abilities, economic status and others of the public were the basis of the operation while the participants where encouraged to review the results of their “experiment” to how their cities would come out of it if this was to take place there.

The group then reformed and exchange ideas that highlighted points of critical whiteness in a predominantly white environment such as Europe’s, the economic comfortability that is visible in Central Europe cities in contrast to Southern Europe and the differences in terms of access for people with kinetic disabilities from North to South. Cultural diversity was also a matter of interest as it was understood that still in many plaves in Europe culturally different aesthetics and practices are limited to exoticised neighborhoods that may not act as integral parts of the cities but one could say as spectacle that provides a “break” while helping mainting the mainstream.

The final discussion of the groups aimed in highlighting the lessons learned with the passing of the seminar and how what had arises could be interpreted in the outputs of the project and the practice of the institutions and persons. Diversity Management was foreseen as of a a crucial mechanism in order to understand and see discrimination and priviledge in order to strive for equality.

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